FAC Front Desk: 731-1555


 What to bring to an official Fitness Test:

  • CAC Card
  • Fitness Screening Questionnaire
  • Any authorized combination of PT gear IAW AFI-36-2903

If on a profile, you must also bring an AF FORM 469 to document your Air Force Fitness Test Guidance.

Fitness Screening Questionnaire (pdf 127 kb) »

Steps to become a Unit Fitness Program Manager (UFPM)

  1. New Unit Fitness Program Manager (UFPM) are appointed in writing, on a Fitness appointment letter, by their Commander.
  2. Once the Commander has signed the appointment letter, then the current UFPM is responsible to register them up for the class the new UFPM may not attend training until appointed in writing by the Commander and the letter has been received by the FAC).
  3. After attending the training permission is granted.

FAC Test Schedule

The FAC does not test members the first two business days of the month, and is closed on holidays and down-days.

Run Sessions:

Tue – Fri (@FAC):
8 am  |  1 pm

Walk Test:

Mondays (@FAC):
8 am  |  1 pm