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Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
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The Military Personnel Flight’s purpose is to provide high-quality personnel support. They handle everything for all Airmen and their families, from ID cards to base in-processing, assignments, reenlistments, and retirements. Furthermore, they serve as a one-stop shop for evaluations, promotions, awards, and decorations, classifications, duty status, and other special actions.

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Customer Support


  • Dependents

Initial issue for dependent ID cards is age 10. If child is under this age with a current ID, the ID may be renewed. Dependents should receive a new ID when the sponsor’s status has changed (i.e.: AD/ANG/AFRES, retirement, Commissioning…etc.). Full-time college students ages 21 to 23 need to have DEERS updated with information from their college of their full-time enrollment (only a DEERS update is required – the ID card can be expired). This requires a letter from the school registrar which lists the projected graduation date and that student is enrolled full-time. Finally, those members age 23 to 26 are eligible to apply for TRICARE young adult (coverage must be paid for prior to generating an ID card). Attention: please download the Pre-Arrival Checklist. Members must also bring 2 forms of valid/unexpired identification. Please download the full list of acceptable documents.

  • Retirees

Sponsor’s (and their dependents) turning age 65, may need MEDICARE updated if the feed from SSA fails. When MEDICARE information is updated in DEERS, TRICARE will accept the claims regardless of the expiration date on the card. TRICARE coverage will remain intact as it is not associated with ID card expiration dates. Attention: please download the Pre-Arrival Checklist. Members must also bring 2 forms of valid/unexpired identification. Please download the full list of acceptable documents.

  • 100% Disabled American Veteran (DAV)

Members must bring in 2 forms of valid/unexpired IDs, DD Form 214, and a letter from the VA stating that they are 100% disabled, with the effective date and if they are temporary or permanently disabled. Attention: please download the Pre-Arrival Checklist. Members must also bring 2 forms of valid/unexpired identification. Please download the full list of acceptable documents.

  • Age 65 Indefinite ID Card Issuance

Sponsor – If you are close to age 65 and need an ID card with an INDEFINITE expiration date, if you have been signed and enrolled in both Medicare A and B (received the card in the mail) prior to your DEERS appointment, then you will typically be ready to get a new INDEF ID at a DEERS location. DEERS can be updated the month prior to your Medicare start date, but you must provide your original Medicare Cards & required ID. 2. Spouse – If you are close to age 65 and need an ID card with an INDEFINITE expiration date, we recommend you do not schedule an appointment prior to your 65th birthday as the system will not allow a card’s expiration to be indefinite until AFTER the 65th birthday.

  • DEERS Updates & ID Cards for Active Duty/National Guard/Reserve

The ID Card section is accepting appointments and walk-ins for all services. We cannot guarantee same day appointments/service due to the availability of our DEERS systems and the level of priority of our customers. Closing times listed do not always reflect customers will be accepted up to that time. It may be necessary to cease taking customers earlier in order to prioritize customers already waiting in our lobby by the end of the business day. Attention: please download the Pre-Arrival Checklist. Members must also bring 2 forms of valid/unexpired identification. Please download the full list of acceptable documents.

  • Civilian New Hires/Contractors

New hires must have their profile created in TASS by the contract POC. If the profile is not created at the time of arrival, then they will not be able to receive their Common Access Card (CAC). If you are a contract POC and are scheduling a group block of new hires, please email our org box at

Note: We do not accept DEERS updates and ID renewal documents via email. Customers must physically bring their documents in person during our business hours. Failure to bring the proper/valid documents at the time of your appointment/walk-in will delay our capability to service you.

Schedule a RAPIDS Appointment: ID Card Office Online »

Base In-Processing

Your sponsor will assist you during your transition to Malmstrom AFB, MT.  Upon arrival, check in with your sponsor and in-process with your assigned unit Commander’s Support Staff (CSS) on the first duty day.  Hand-carry your orders and the sealed records package from your previous Military Personnel Flight for this appointment.

Once you have signed into your new unit, the CSS will schedule you for the Malmstrom AFB Newcomers located at the Military & Family Readiness Center – 7317 Goddard Drive.

Your sponsor will help you with any questions or problems before your arrival and while you’re getting settled. Please exchange phone numbers, e-mail addresses and your travel itinerary with your sponsor. If you do not have a sponsor prior to arrival, contact your gaining unit or the MPF Customer Support at 406-731-3295 or DSN 312-632-3295 for assistance.  

Initial Enlistment Bonus (IEB)

Processes all initial Enlistment Bonus (IEB) which is a financial incentive designed to entice individuals to enlist for a minimum of four years in critical military abilities. The amount of the bonus depends on the chosen career path and duration of service.

Enlistment Bonuses – U.S. Air Force »

Required Documents:

  • AF Form 3005/3008/3009
  • Technical School Certificate
  • Basic Military Training Certificate

Special Leave Accrual (SLA)

Focal point for the processing and validation of Special Leave Accrual (SLA) IAW DAFI 36-3003, DoDI 1327.06 and the AF SLA Personnel Systems Delivery Guide.

  • Validates supporting documentation (approval memorandum, paid travel voucher, MMPA screenshot, CED orders, and leave computation).
  • Submits Case Management System (CMS) eligibility request for final approval and processing.
  • Assists with Air Force Board for Correction of Military record (AFBCMR) leave recovery.

Career Development


Please coordinate with your Commander’s Support Staff (CSS) and your assignment Counselor for assignment requirements. When documents are received and all squadron and base out-processing is completed and verified a final out appointment will be made, NLT 2-days prior to projected departure date to you a folder with all of the documents you will need to provide to your gaining MPF.

Final-Out Appointment Requirements:

The vOP must be checked off by ALL AGENCIES. There are no exceptions! “Wet” signatures are only acceptable when vMPF is down. Verify ALL agencies signed off 1 duty day prior to final-out appointment. You must reach out to each office listed to inquire about their protocol during this time.

  • 1 copy of your SGLV 8286, Service Members’ Group Life Insurance (
  • 1 copy of your Fitness Score Card. The expiration date must be at least 42 days after your “Report No Later Than Date.”
  • DD Form 1172
  • AF Form 330
  • Signed Assignment Orders
  • Flight Itinerary (only applicable to OCONUS)
  • All other documents required for your assignment (please refer to your initial and/or final out appointment e-mail)
  • If you have any questions or concerns related to outbound assignments please email

**Any items missing or not completed on the vOP checklist will result in being turned away until all actions are completed.**

Reenlistments & Extensions

If you are in your window to reenlist, please contact the 341 FSS Reenlistment and Extensions organizational email below. Reenlistments require an Article 137 brief training via Air Force myLearning and a signed Article 137 Briefing Memo conducted by the legal office within 30 days of the projected reenlistment. An Article 137 Briefing Memo will be sent along with instructions for completion upon receipt of your e-mail.

To extend, please ensure that you meet an extension reason which is listed in DAFI 36-2606, Table 6.2.


Reenlistment Worksheet »

Extension Worksheet »

It is our recommendation that you start either process NLT 90 days from your date of separation (DOS). Starting the process within a 30-day window of your DOS can be problematic and lead to pay issues.

If you have any questions or concerns related to Retentions please email

Retirements & Separations

If you are Separating, please ensure you apply for separation in myFSS under ‘Initiating My DOS Separation’, and then select “Create A Request.” You will then be prompted to answer some questions complete your Pre-Separation Order Worksheet and your DD 214 Worksheet. The Pre-Separation Order Worksheet is REQUIRED in order for AFPC to process your orders. For any questions regarding your orders, please refer to the Total Force Service Center at DSN 665-0102.

myFSS link »

If you are Retiring, please ensure you apply for retirement in myFSS under ‘myRetirement’, then select ‘Active Duty Retirement’, and then click the ‘Create a Request’ link. The Retirement Eligibility module will ask you questions for eligibility determination. Ensure that you follow the prompts and fill out the retirement application.

After you are notified of your approved separation or retirement, please e-mail our organizational workflow at so that our office can load your Virtual Out-Processing (vOP) checklist, schedule you for a final out appointment, and provide you with the appropriate resources. Also in your e-mail, please include any projected leave dates.

**All documents are required to be hand carried to Retirements and Separations org during your final out. Any items missing or not completed on the vOP checklist will result in being turned away until all actions are completed.**

Final Out Processing Appointments are completed in person, unless you are stationed at a GSU. If you are at a GSU, please respond to the email we sent with a personal phone number so we can complete your final out virtually. You will receive an email the Friday before your final out reminding you of your appointment as well as what required documents are to be brought with you. We will make a copy here for you when your final out is complete.

Leave Guidance »

Final-Out Appointment Requirements:

Retirement/Separation: All documents outlined MUST be signed and completed in order to complete your final out.

Completed vOP Checklist: The vOP must be checked off by ALL AGENCIES. There are no exceptions! “Wet” signatures are only acceptable when vMPF is down. Verify ALL agencies signed off 1 duty day prior to final-out appointment. You must reach out to each office listed to inquire about their protocol during this time.

**Any items missing from the list below or an incomplete vOP checklist will result in being turned away, until all actions are completed.**

If you have any questions or concerns related to enlisted or officer promotions please email

SrA Below-the-Zone

The Air Force SrA Below the Zone (BTZ) program is a competitive promotion opportunity for Airman First Class (A1C) who have demonstrated exceptional performance and potential. The BTZ program allows eligible Airmen to be promoted to the rank of SrA ahead of their peers. Here’s a short summary of the process:

  1. Eligibility: To be eligible for BTZ promotion, A1C must meet certain criteria, including time in service and time in grade requirements, as well as have an excellent performance record.
  2. Nomination: Airmen are typically nominated for BTZ promotion by their unit commanders or superiors based on their outstanding performance, leadership abilities, and potential to excel as a SrA.
  3. Selection Board: A selection board reviews the nominations and evaluates each candidate’s qualifications. They consider factors such as job performance, leadership skills, and potential for future contributions.
  4. Notification: Airmen who are selected for BTZ promotion receive notification of their advancement ahead of the regular promotion cycle.
  5. Promotion: Once selected, the A1C is promoted to SrA effective on a specific date, which is six months before their regular promotion timeline.

The BTZ program aims to reward and encourage exceptional Airmen by offering them an accelerated path to higher rank, recognizing their dedication and potential within the Air Force.

BTZ Timeline Chart »

Enlisted & Officer Promotions

Enlisted Promotions:

  1. Enlisted personnel in the Air Force progress through a series of ranks, starting with Airman Basic (E-1) and advancing to Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (E-9).
  2. Promotion is primarily based on time in service and time in grade, along with a performance evaluation known as the Enlisted Performance Brief (EPB).
  3. Enlisted members compete for promotion within their specific career fields, and promotion rates can vary depending on the career field’s needs and the individual’s qualifications.
  4. Some exceptional Airmen may be eligible for accelerated promotion through programs like SrA Below the Zone or Stripes for Exceptional Performers (STEP).

Officer Promotions:

  1. Officers in the Air Force hold ranks from Second Lieutenant (O-1) to General (O-10).
  2. Officer promotions are based on a combination of time in service, time in grade, and a competitive process that considers performance evaluations, professional military education, and leadership potential.
  3. Officers are typically promoted through a set timeline, but some may be considered for early promotion based on exceptional performance or specific programs like Officer Training School (OTS) or the Air Force Academy.
  4. The promotion process for officers becomes more competitive at higher ranks, with fewer available positions at each higher grade.

Both enlisted and officer promotions in the Air Force are designed to recognize and advance individuals who demonstrate the skills, leadership, and dedication required for increased responsibilities within the service.

Key Notes:

  • Properly and continuously review records to ensure accuracy (SURF & PRDA)
  • Verify you are in the correct CAFSC
  • Know eligibility window

WAPS Schedule »

Office Promotion Milestones »

Force Management

Awards & Decorations

If you qualify for an award or decoration, a source document is required for MilPDS update. Members must submit one of the following forms of source documentation to their Commander’s Support Staff (CSS) or email 341 FSS/FSPM Force Management inbox.

  • Completed Decoration/Citation
  • Signed AF Form 104
  • AFSM/HSM must be signed by an Air Force O-6
  • Memorandum in Lieu of AF Form 104 with the signature (on each page if multiple pages)
  • AFSM/HSM must be signed by an Air Force O-6
  • Travel Orders showing proof of ribbon qualification
  • Travel Voucher showing proof of ribbon qualification
  • Training Report/Evaluation showing proof of ribbon qualification

NOTE: Some higher level awards or decorations might require additional documentation.

*To see a list of all ribbons and decorations, visit Ribbons and Decorations List.

If a member believes a unit they were assigned to has earned an unit award, they can visit myFSS Department of the Air Force Recognition Program Home Page to validate the award (website lists unit awards from 1991 – current). Members must be able to prove that they were assigned to the unit during that timeframe before MilPDS records can be updated.


IAW DAFI 36-2406, Officer and Enlisted Evaluations Systems, para completed OPBs and EPBs are due to the MPF no later than 30 days after close-out. Evaluations that violate DAFI 36-2406 and all application guidance will be returned for corrections.

The Force Management Office will not process promotion eligible enlisted evaluations in the grade of SrA-SMSgt through myFSS without a completed MEL. Please ensure the final MEL is sent to the 341 FSS/FSPM Force Management inbox.

Duty Information Updates

For members requesting current duty information updates please work with your Commander’s Support Staff (CSS) to complete requested updates. Personnel without a CSS will need to provide the update request on an AF Form 2096 and send it to our 341 FSS/FSPM Force Management inbox. *NOTE: ALL duty history updates are made by the member through myVector Duty History Update (Regular AF/SF).

Duty Status Updates

Units must establish duty status procedures for members going TDY. All Air Force members MUST check-in before and after your TDY with your unit’s Commander’s Support Staff (CSS) in order for your duty status to be updated.

For units who do not have access to MilPDS, submit duty status updates to the MPF via email to the 341 FSS/FSPM Force Management inbox.

Additional duty status updates that MUST be reported are: AWOL, Confinement, Deserter, Sick-in-Quarters, Not Present for Duty-Other, non-contingency TDY. To assist unit CSSs with duty status procedures, visit the PSD Guide, Duty Status, dtd 1 May 22 on myFSS, located at Strength Accounting Duty Status Program.

Special Duty Assignment Pay

Special Duty Assignment Pay Guidance »

SDAP is utilized to recognize enlisted personnel performing duties which meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Extremely demanding personal effort is necessary to ensure successful mission accomplishment
  • A greater degree of responsibility or difficulty is required over and above what is normally expected for an Airman’s grade and experience
  • Special qualifications met through rigorous screening and/or special schooling

To be eligible to receive SDAP, an enlisted Airmen must meet the requirements as outlined in DAFI 36-3012, Military Entitlements

  • Active and Reserve component Airmen entitled to basic pay or inactive-duty training compensation(IAW Section 204 and 206 of Title 37, USC respectively)
  • Meet all pertinent SDAP Table rule requirements, including:
    • Be assigned to a position/perform in a duty authorized to receive SDAP
    • Possessing the required AFSC(s)
    • Being assigned to an eligible PAS (if applicable)
    • Having completed the additional requirements, i.e., special schooling or equivalent on-the-job training for the assignment (duration of on-the-job training must be at least as long as special schooling); Have completed special schooling or equivalent on-the-job training for the assignment
  • Be certified by the unit commander on a source document, which is filed in the Automated Records Management System (ARMS)

Command Authority/G-Series Orders Process

In order to process G-Series Orders, units must fill out an AF IMT 35 IAW DAFI 51-509 Figure A3.1. Send the below documents to the 341 FSS/FSPM Force Management inbox

  • AF Form 35 or Memorandum Format Order
  • SURF for incoming commander
  • UMD printout
  • ALPHA Roster of all assigned officers
  • If a temporary appointment, include the absent commander’s G-Series Orders.
  • If a section commander, include the unit commander’s G-Series Orders.

Adverse Actions

The Unfavorable Information File (UIF) is an official record of adverse information about an individual. Our office requires an Adverse Action Monitor appointment letter from each unit. The UIF consists of:

  • All mandatory documents to include the Unfavorable Information File summary, AF Form 1137 (Please refer to DAFI 36-2907 table 3.2)
  • Optional documents (at the commander’s discretion)
  • AF IMT 1058, Unfavorable Information File Actions
  • AF IMT 1137, Unfavorable Information File Summary

The MPF maintains the UIF (except units that have fully operational CSSs) and all of its documents/contents until the final disposition date; unless early removal of the document or UIF is warranted. Commanders initiate removal action via an AF IMT 1058 and the individual should acknowledge the action.

If the unit initiates an UIF or adds/removes documents from a member’s UIF, please ensure your route the documents through the MPF IAW Total Force Adverse Actions PSD Guide.

Personnel Systems Manager

The Personnel Systems Management (PSM) office serve as specialists in the implementation, maintenance, and operation of automated Personnel Data Systems (PDS).  We provide management advisory services, assist in training on the technical aspects of PDS, and assist users in the day-to-day operation thereof.  We supply commanders, managers, and support staffs with personnel-related data and information services.

Areas of Expertise:

Military Personnel Data System (MilPDS) – MilPDS is a personnel records database updated by personnel in the Military Personnel Flight, Commander Support Staffs, and other personnel-related offices and organizations.  It contains automated personnel records on over 3,200 active-duty Air Force members stationed at Malmstrom AFB.  The type of data maintained has a great impact on the careers of each member affecting such things as promotions, assignments, duty and personal information, awards and decorations, and performance reports.

Enterprise Output Manager (EOM) – EOM is a Microsoft Windows-based application that accepts files from a host system at AFPC and distributes print data to destinations set by the Personnel Systems Manager (PSM) (e.g. e-mail, print, file, etc.).

OBIEE – Oracle website is the ad-hoc report generation tool that provides user-defined data queries on the fly. PSM utilizes this application to produce custom personnel reports from a copy of the MilPDS database.

Personnel System Access

MilPDS Access: Fill out a MilPDS DD Form 2875, System Authorization Access Request (example).  Have your supervisor, security manager and IT specialist sign, then send it to the PSM office via e-mail at

MILPDS User Agreement (example):  Review and digitally Sign, then send it to the PSM office via e-mail at

Personnel Roster

Personnel Data Queries:  You can request a one-time or recurring query of personnel data at any time via e-mail at

Passports / Visas

Passport Services Button

Must have PCS orders to apply for the passports and dependents must be listed as command sponsored.  Anyone applying for a passport needs to be present at the appointment.  We do not process Tourist passports.

For appointments or questions, please e-mail us at or call us at DSN 632-4144/2669/3837.

Installation Personnel Readiness

The 341 FSS Installation Personnel Readiness (IPR) team plays an integral role in dealing taskings that come down from higher headquarters. Additionally, they work closely with all Unit Deployment Managers (UDM) to oversee Malmstrom AFB deployment functions and create Contingency, Exercise, and Deployment Orders.


  • AFFORGEN contingency records review
  • AFPAAS accountability and passports
  • Departing and returning members in system
  • Identifying discrepancies and ensure proper corrections are made
  • Deployment in-processing and out-processing procedures
  • Generate activation orders and movement orders (CED)
  • Processing deployments tasking
  • Verifying deployment eligibility and qualification for assigned tasking

NATO Orders

Based on the overseas travel location, this will determine if you require NATO Orders to be processed IAW the Foreign Clearance Guide which also provide any country specific requirements as well. Please email for any additional questions.

Note: Career Development will process NATO orders for all PCS Assignments.