Fundraising on Malmstrom AFB is restricted to Private Organizations (PO) and Unofficial Activities/Organizations. POs are self-sustaining special interest groups set up by personnel outside the scope of their official position in the federal government. POs are not federal entities and are not to be treated as such.

If you are interested in starting a PO or an Unofficial Activity, call 731-4754.

Private Org Documentation

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Unofficial Activities

Airman Against Drunk Driving (AADD)

Guardian Defenders Association

Malmstrom Aviation Club

Norsemen Booster Club

Wing One Association

Private Organizations

Air Force Sergeants Association (AFSA)

Airman’s Council

Base Defenders Booster Club (341 SFS)

Big Sky Chapter of ASMC (American Society of Military Comptrollers)

Big Sky Chiefs Group

Big Sky First Sergeants Association

Big Sky Riders Saddle Club

Big Sky Top Three Association

Bison Booster Club (341 Civil Engineer Squadron)

Black Patch Association (341 Operations Group)

Company Grade Officers Council (CGOC)

Comptrollers Squadron (CPTS) Booster Club

CS Booster Club (341 Communications Squadron)

East Side Archery Club

Farsiders Association (490th MS)

First Aces Association (10th MS)

Friends of Airmen and Families

Girl Scouts of Montana & Wyoming

Green Knights Military Motorcycle Club (MMC) Chapter 72, “Electric City Riders”

Gunslinger’s Association (341st MSFS)

Malmstrom Firefighters Association

Malmstrom Spouses Club & Thrift Shop

341st medical Group Booster Club

341st Medical Group Top 4

Munitions Booster Club (341st Munitions Squadron)

MXG Top 4 Association (341st MXG)

OSS Booster Club “Screaming Eagles” (341st OSS)

Red Dawg Association (12th MS)

Red Horse Stable Club (819th Red Horse Squadron)

Red Horse Top 3 (819th Red Horse Squadron)

219th Red Horse Top III (219th Red Horse Squadron)

341st Force Support Squadron Booster Club

341st Logistics readiness Airmen’s Association (LRAA)

341st MMXS Mooster Club (341st MMXS)

5/6 Alliance

741st MSFS MSFS Booster Club (Warriors of the Wing)

741st MXS Booster Club (741st Maintenance Group)

For contact information please call or E-Mail the Private Org’s Monitor:

Tom Kiernan