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Mon – Fri: 9 am – 3 pm

Sat, Sun, Family Days, Holidays & 3rd Friday (for Training): Closed

We look forward to helping you accomplish your future military and civilian education and career goals.

The Malmstrom AFB Education and Training Center is committed to serving the Malmstrom Big Sky community to assist in meeting the educational and vocational needs of our active duty military and civilian personnel and their eligible adult family members. 


  • College and Career Counseling
  • Tuition Assistance for Active Duty Military
  • Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) Counseling
  • Various Testing Services
  • GI Bill Benefit Information
  • Commissioning Program Guidance
  • SkillBridge Program Counseling
  • Focal point for managing Military Formal Training- ensure various professional military education training allocations are processed and resolve any conflicts with units and schools.
  • Focal point for managing Civilian Education, Training and Development programs, as well as approval and disapproval.


College 101 TA Briefing – Initial & Refresher

Tuesday, April 9 | 8 am

Tuesday, April 16 | 8 am

Tuesday, April 23 | 8 am

Tuesday, April 30 | 8 am

Tuesday, May 7 | 8 am

Tuesday, May 14 | 8 am

Tuesday, May 21 | 8 am

Tuesday, May 28 | 8 am

This briefing is mandatory for first time active duty users of Military Tuition Assistance and those who have not used TA in over a year. 

Register on AFVEC to reserve your seat by COB the day prior to attending.


Wednesday, May 1 | 3 pm

Discussion on job shadowing, on-the-job training, apprenticeships and internships that offer skills training opportunities to officers and enlisted preparing to transition from military to civilian employment. Discuss entire application process, including step by steps, formal request, how to present SkillBridge to your Commander and approval process. We recommend attending at least 12-18 months from your separation date in order to line up your education opportunities with your civilian career goals.

Register on AFVEC to reserve your seat – Mandatory to start the process

Air University (AU) and Air Education and Training Command (AETC) Test Proctoring Services

Thursday, April 11 | 8 am

Thursday, April 25 | 8 am

Thursday, May 2 | 8 am

Thursday, May 9 | 8 am

Thursday, May 30 | 8 am

Testing available by appointment only. To schedule, please contact the Education Center at 406-731-3531.

Please NOTE: All CDC testing is scheduled by the Unit and Additional Duty Training Managers.

WAPS Testing

(Contact your unit’s WAPS monitor with questions/concerns)

24E6 Cycle February 15 – April 15

24E5 Cycle May 1 – June 30

Other Types of Military Testing:

Self Scheduling is now available. To schedule, login to AFVEC under “Scheduled Tests,” select “ Schedule Tests” to self-schedule.  Email 341FSS.FSDE.EDUCATION@US.AF.Mil for specific test questions.

  • AFCT: Armed Forces Classification Test: Evaluates airmen in the same four aptitude areas as the ASVAB (i.e., the MAGE composites). These aptitude areas relate to training success in particular groups of AFSs. Minimum scores are required for entry into certain AFSs that indicate the likelihood of training success in the AFS (this test is for those that have already taken the ASVAB and have entered the US military).
  • AFOQT: Air Force Officer Qualifying Test: Used to help select candidates for officer commissioning programs and to classify commissioned officers into utilization specialties such as pilot, combat system operator (CSO), air battle manager (ABM) or technical.
    Next Test Date: April 10 at 8 am | July 17 at 8 am
  • DLAB: Defense Language Aptitude Battery: Evaluates potential ability to complete formal foreign language training. It is used to screen and select foreign language trainees.
  • DLPT: Defense Language Proficiency Test: Serves to evaluate the ability to understand written and/or spoken material presented in a foreign language format.
  • EDPT: Electronic Data Processing Test: Evaluates the basic ability to complete formal courses for programming electronic data processing equipment. It is used to screen and select airmen for career fields requiring this ability. EDPT measures verbal ability, symbolic reasoning and arithmetic reasoning.
  • OPI: Oral Proficiency Interview Test: OPI is a standardized, global assessment of functional speaking ability. This form of examination is a conversation between the tester and test-taker, the test measures how well a person speaks a language by assessing their performance of a range of language tasks against specified criteria.
  • TBAS: Test of Basic Aviation Skills (Active Duty Only): TBAS is a computerized psychomotor, spatial ability, and multi-tasking test battery. It is used as a tool for the selection of United States Air Force pilot and RPA pilot candidates.
  • TAPAS: Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment System: Aids in the classification of USAF enlisted personnel into a number of different career fields.