We look forward to helping you accomplish your future military and civilian education and career goals.


The Education & Training Center (ETC) is a service organization for all Air Force members, family members and DoD Civilians which serve as the focal point for all things education, both formal and volunteer. The ETC provides services in 7 main areas:

  • Counseling regarding voluntary education including civilian degrees, Military Tuition Assistance, AF COOL, Federal Student Aid, and SkillBridge, etc.
  • Brief base populous during every stage of the Military Life Cycle, encouraging members to utilize the over $100k in education benefits to prepare for civilian transition
  • Provide career assessments to assist with civilian career and degree choice
  • Provide various military testing
  • Focal point for managing Military Base Training and Career Development. Ensures unit level training programs are IAW directives, up-channels status of training to wing leadership
  • Focal point for managing Military Formal Training. Ensures various professional military education training allocations are processed, and resolves any conflicts with units and schools
  • Focal point for managing Civilian Education,Training and Development programs, as well as approval and disapproval


College 101

Tuesday, April 26 | 8 am

Tuesday, May 3 | 8 am

Tuesday, May 10 | 8 am

Tuesday, May 17 | 8 am

Tuesday, May 24 | 8 am

Tuesday, May 31 | 8 am 

Mandatory for first time active duty enlisted users of Military Tuition Assistance (TA and those who haven’t used TA in over a year).

Must register on AFVEC by 0900 the Monday prior to attending, 30 seats available


Thursday, April 21 | 3 pm; Q&A at 4 pm

Wednesday, May 4 | 3 pm; Q&A at 4 pm

Thursday, May 19 | 3 pm; Q&A at 4 pm

Discussion on job shadowing, on-the-job training, apprenticeships, & internships that offer skills training opportunities to officers and enlisted preparing to transition from military to civilian employment.  Discuss entire application process including step by steps, formal request, how to present SkillBridge to your Commander & approval process. We encourage attendance as early as possible to utaliize benefits in-line with civilian career choice.

Register on AFVEC – Mandatory to start the process

Higher Ed Track TAP Class

Wednesday & Thursday, May 11 & 12 | 8 – 4 pm

Two day seminar designed to guide students through a variety of decisions involved with choosing a college institution, various funding including scholarships, the admissions process and much, much more. Now open to all Military (not just TAP)

Register on AFVEC prior to attending, 20 seats available


Thursday, April 21 | 8 am

Thursday, April 28 | 8 am

Thursday, May 5 | 8 am

Thursday, May 12 | 8 am

Thursday, May 19 | 8 am

Thursday, May 26 | 8 am

Testing available include Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT), Career Development Course (CDC) end of course test, Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT), Test of Basic Aviation Skills (TBAS), Air Force Reading Abilities Test (AFRAT), Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB), Electronic Data Processing Test (EDPT), Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI), Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment (TAPAS), etc.

Email 341FSS.FSDE.EDUCATION@US.AF.Mil  to receive the appropriate request form