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What Can the Sponsorship Program Offer You?

The Force Support Squadron can offer you the opportunity to sell more product, develop a strong consumer base, build product loyalty, raise product/service awareness, acquire a medium to communicate directly with a lucrative military market and the opportunity to enhance public relations.

Types of Sponsorship

Gifts and Donations
Gifts and donations are where sponsors donate product, monies or services to a particular Services event or program. Gifts and donations can be accepted for any Services event. Costs of the donation may not be charged in any way to the Federal Government.

Unsolicited Sponsorship
Unsolicited sponsorships are initiated by the vendor with a general interest in a particular program or event. The Sponsorship Coordinator works closely with sponsor to identify specific events which match the needs of both parties. Unsolicited Sponsorships are a quick and simple process.

Solicited Sponsorship
The Force Support Squadron publicly announces that they are seeking sponsorship for a particular program or event. Solicited sponsorships have formal type procedures.

Benefits are based on the value of your support and the needs and wants of the facility hosting the program.

  • Event Title Recognition
  • Product Sampling (except alcohol and tobacco)
  • Name/logo placed on all promotional materials (produced by Services Marketing Dept.)
  • Survey, advertising and coupon distribution
  • Cross Marketing
  • Website Linkage
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Improved Community Relations
  • Interaction With Actual Customers & More!

Benefits can be tailored to meet your marketing goals!

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