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News & Info from Malmstrom AFB Youth Programs

WE MISS OUR YOUTH AND FAMILIES!  Youth Programs and School-Age staff wanted to stop by and say Hi!!!!  Hope everyone is doing well and we look forward to being all together again! Please see the following updates, support and news.  Information will be posted to keep everyone updated. If you are needing other resources, assistance, or have any questions please call 731-4634 or email Marjorie Hahn, marjorie.hahn@us.af.mil.

Little League season has been suspended/delayed until further notice, we will update as information changes. If you have any questions/concerns please contact Mary Bousman, 

(406)731-4634 or email: mary.bousman.1@us.af.mil

Child Find Developmental Screening that was scheduled for April 23, 2020 had been cancelled. This is supported by our Great Falls Public Schools, we hope to reschedule at a later date.

This is a challenging time for families, if you would like support, need someone to talk to, or looking for guidance with your children please reach out to our CYP-MFLC (child & youth) Military Family Life Counselors. They are now offering virtual counseling at this time!  For families that are interested, contact BillyLynn Han (406) 224-3813 or Cara Firman (406) 564-2970 to schedule an appointment.

FREE virtual activities and resources being offered:

Yoga Calm classes for kids & adults:  Supports health and fitness.  Improves cognition and academic achievement.  yogacalm.org

Virtual 4-H STEM Space Camp: Camp is offered for 3rd to 5th grade students.  Each week they will release new experiments with educational and how-to-do videos.  Experiments are released every Monday, April 13 and April 20,  2020. This camp is FREE for anyone to participate (4-H membership is NOT required). Camp registration link is located on our Malmstrom Youth Programs Facebook page »

Military OneSource is available and free 24/7: The site shares tips and information in regards to non-medical counseling, financial counseling, scholarships and education benefits.  www.militaryonesource.com

Tutor.com is free and available 24/7 to assist with homework!!!  Are you or your child struggling with homework assignments or need a little break from teaching?  This site is for you!!  Tutors are available in all subjects for students first grade though college. www.tutor.com/military

HAVE YOU BEEN HOWLING?  Join us for HOWL FOR GREAT FALLS!!  Howling to show gratitude and appreciation for people who are on the front lines fighting COVID19, our wonderful teachers with GFPS, our military families, and a way to keep the community together!  Step outside at 8 PM and howl.  I know we have some great Howlers out there!  More information in posted on Facebook, HOWL for Great Falls.