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Dance Classes


Instructor: Mabel Parks, (406) 788-3547, Email Mabel »
*Participants MUST contact Mabel Parks to register

Cost: $45 per month *payment is due at the first class at the beginning of the month; payments can be made at the Grizzly Bend

Class Schedule – Thursdays
5 – 5:45 pm: Dance Movement Class, ages 4 to 6
5:50 – 6:35 pm: Hip Hop, Street Dance & International Dance Rhythms, ages 7 to 10

All classes will be held in the activity room at the Grizzly Bend. Please send students with a bottle of water – there will be a short drink break halfway through the class. Parents/Guardians are asked to stay close to the dance room for the youngest dancers and in the building for the older dancers. Please make sure the children use the restroom before class. At the end of the season, family and friends will receive an invitation to a dance recital.

Class Descriptions
Dance Movement – this will be a fun introductory class into the world of dance. Students will dance to traditional, international and new music. They will learn coordination, balance and focusing skills through learning short choreographies, light conditioning and dance games. Dance will be taught in circle, street and couple format.

Hip Hop, Street Dance & International Dance Rhythms – this class is for beginners and experienced dancers. Students will learn choreographies to popular music heard on the radio and from YouTube. All dance styles introduced will be beneficial for coordination, focusing skills, light conditioning, dance games and international knowledge of rhythm. Students will learn how to dance toward one another as well as in street format. Students will achieve a better knowledge of basic international dance steps, an developed ear for music as well as learn how to work in groups to understand choreography.

Class Attire
Please make sure outfits are comfortable for the dancer and do not restrict movement or distract from class. Inside shoes must be used.

About the Instructor
Mabel Parks has worked in the dance world for the past 22 years for one of the biggest dance studios in her native Norway and in Holland for the past six years. Parks has been a choreographer for Prestige Modeling Agency since 1996 and is a Zumba instructor since 2009. She also offers Zumba classes at the Fitness Center.